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Labels overview

Best labels quality at top prices for industry, logistics and trade

For information such as content, price, expiration date, address, transport and hazard information, and instructions for use such as textile care symbols, etc.

Advice at the highest level for your labels

Blanco labels on roll in white
Used in all industries for product labelling, documentation and tracking within logistics. The labels are printed in thermal direct or thermal transfer process.

Printed labels on roll in various shapes, sizes and materials
Partially pre-printed labels, for example with your company logo, which are subsequently printed with functional information and variable data such as expiration date, description of goods, numbering, weight data, ingredients, etc. are printed on the label.
Thermal labels on roll in white
Consists of thermal material, which is sensitive to heat and thus changes the color of the label material. Suitable for use as sales slips, parcel stickers, article markings or e.g. address labels.
Thermal transfer labels on roll in various shapes, sizes and materials
Are specially designed for thermal transfer printing and are characterised by an excellent print quality with good resistance, high contrast and long-life durability. The use of coloured thermal transfer ribbons creates a coloured print image.
Recycling labels, printed, made of natural paper, recycled paper, grass paper and recycled PE
Eco Friendly labels such as natural paper labels made from agricultural waste, recycling labels made from post-consumer waste, recycling PE labels made from recycled plastics and labels made from grass.
Colored labels, unprinted on roll in pink, light blue, orange, violet and yellow in various shapes, sizes and materials
For labelling products in order to highlight important information such as storage location, size, shipping method, etc. in color.

Labels digital on roll and printed in various shapes, sizes and materials
For various industrial processes that require dynamic marking and flexible identification. Especially in production processes, warehouse management and logistics, digital labels are highly efficient.
Booklet labels, printed in white and blue on a white plastic bottle
Small folded, similar to a folded mini-brochure, they offer ample space for information on several pages, such as content information, product descriptions, legal informations, instructions for use, sweepstakes, etc.
RFID labels on roll and printed in various shapes, sizes and materials
The integrated radio chips in the labels, also known as transponders, enable the automatic identification and localization of the labelled products and thus considerably facilitate the recording and traceability of data.

Hot stamping labels, printed in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and materials
Mainly used for the finishing of labels. The printing image is transferred by heat and pressure from a special foil to the material to be printed, whereby the embossed areas are raised or recessed on the label.
Printed weather resistant labels in white with brown liquid rejected on label
Due to their strong adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces and their sharp print image without smearing for reliable and constant marking, e.g. in warehouses, production and workshops, also outdoors.
Special labels on roll and printed in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and materials.
Security labels, which withstand special conditions in production, storage, further processing and transport, which is why they have to meet special requirements in terms of the materials used, adhesive properties and resistance.
Tear-off tickets labels, printed and unprinted in white and grey in various shapes, sizes and materials
Are usually separated at a cross-perforation after production and are suitable for cinema tickets, theatre, parking garage, soccer stadium, amusement park, zoo, open air concert or when travelling.
Hang tags labels, printed in beige, orange, brown and white
Hang tags are tags that are not glued on but attached and are ideal for visually appealing identification of products and gifts as well as for systematic labelling in warehousing and logistics.

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