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Loftware NiceLabel 10.5


Introduction to Loftware NiceLabel 10.5 Solutions

At the heart of digital transformation are the Loftware NiceLabel 10.5 solutions, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Offering a choice between cloud-based and on-premise options, Loftware NiceLabel 10.5 promises unmatched efficiency, usability, and adaptability. The cloud solutions stand out for their scalability, security, and accessibility, making them the ideal choice for companies that value mobility, collaboration, and reducing IT infrastructure costs.

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Designer 10.5

The Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Designer 10.5 is the portal for intuitive label design, requiring no software installation. It provides access to a wide range of label templates that can be customized with barcodes, text, and images. This solution is excellent for small businesses and startups that want to create professional labels without delay. Loftware offers a free trial version of the Cloud Designer, which can be requested at the following link: Loftware Cloud Designer Trial.

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Essentials 10.5

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Essentials 10.5 extends the offering with essential management and integration tools that go beyond simple label design. Users benefit from the ability to connect their databases for dynamic labeling. The central, secure storage in the cloud significantly eases label management, allowing global teams to work efficiently together.

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Business 10.5

For more extensive requirements, Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Business 10.5 is available. This solution is aimed at medium to large businesses seeking complete control over their labeling processes. With advanced integration capabilities, role-based access, and a sophisticated approval workflow, Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Business 10.5 enables seamless scaling and management of complex labeling requirements.

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Compliance 10.5

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Compliance 10.5 is specifically designed for industries that must comply with strict regulatory standards. In addition to the features of Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Business 10.5, this solution effectively supports companies in compliance management with features such as validation support and detailed audit trails, ensuring secure label creation and management.

On-Premise Solutions

For companies that prefer an on-site solution, Loftware NiceLabel offers powerful on-premise options. These are ideal for organizations that, due to security or compliance requirements, need full control over their data and systems. On-premise customers enjoy the benefits of the Loftware NiceLabel software with complete autonomy over their infrastructure.

Loftware NiceLabel guarantees that every company, regardless of size or industry, has access to high-quality, secure, and user-friendly labeling solutions. Choosing the right Loftware NiceLabel solution optimizes your labeling process, increases productivity, and accelerates time to market. Rely on Loftware NiceLabel to adapt your labeling solution to the dynamic requirements of the market.

By choosing Loftware NiceLabel, you opt for a solution that not only meets your current labeling needs but also effortlessly masters future challenges. Benefit from a platform that ensures compliance, improves team collaboration, and achieves unprecedented efficiency and productivity in your labeling.

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Many years of experience and comprehensive know-how in the field of product labelling and marking as well as in the area of optimal coordination of labels, labelling technology and software.


We develop and produce our labelling systems in Switzerland and offer mature products. The basis for this are state-of-the-art technologies with modular structure to Swiss Quality standards. The production safety of our customers is always our top priority.


From manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic labelling systems, label printers, foil direct printers, hot stampers, ink-jet coding systems to barcode and scanning applications and labelling software - the WILUX product range is exceptionally broad.


We offer labels in all formats and qualities, printed or unprinted, ribbons for thermal transfer printers, hot stamping foils, inks and solvent - the possibilities at WILUX are endless.


Even the best quality can only guarantee functional and therefore production reliability if it is professionally maintained. Whether at our premises or directly on site: We offer you support that is as fast as it is reliable.


Swiss Top Rating Company - Financial stability and highest creditworthiness. For you, this means that even in difficult economic times you have a rock-solid, financially solid partner at your side.

WILUX PRINT AG Bisnode Top Rating 2022 in blue and white

Our references

WILUX PRINT Apros Belimo Dätwyler Eisberg Logo
WILUX PRINT Emmi EMS Felchlin Ferag Logo
WILUX PRINT Menu and More MFG MIDOR Fuchs Logo
WILUX PRINT Peka Perlen Packaging Die Post RIWAG Türen Logo
WILUX PRINT Steinfels Stöckli Stöcklin SUN SNACK Logo

We let our customers speak for us

WILUX PRINT Knecht Mühle Logo in rot und weiss

Knecht Mühle AG - Mr. Daniel Meier

The challenge was to implement a system in a very dusty environment that could withstand both the dust and, in winter, the low temperatures in the bottling hall. Thanks to the HR-InkJet-System a continuously perfect solution has been working for 4 years.


WILUX PRINT SFS Logo in rot und weiss

SFS intec AG - Mr. Rolf Locher

As a technology leader in the field of process-integrated, fully automated production of high-quality plastic parts, it is always our aim to serve our customers with ready-to-install products. If printing of the part or the packaging is required, we are dependent on specialists such as Wilux Print. This company has competently implemented our requirements for labelling using the direct printing process. Wilux has met the challenge by providing an individually tailored direct foil printer and has come up with an innovative solution. The competent and prompt service is particularly noteworthy.


WILUX PRINT WICK Logo in rot, weiss, gold und schwarz

Wick AG - Mr. Kurt Wick

The big challenge was to be able to apply our sausages to our products in a wrap-around label without wrinkles. WILUX fulfilled this task with bravour. We appreciate the reliable service, the quick and uncomplicated help, as well as the professional maintenance and expert troubleshooting of WILUX PRINT AG.

WILUX PRINT NATUREX Logo in grün und schwarz

Naturex AG - Mr. Raphael Berger

The company WILUX PRINT AG has provided to us the optimum solution for front labelling for outer packaging with an innovative special machine construction on site on existing conveyor systems and this within minimal space conditions.

WILUX PRINT Pearlwater Logo in blau und weiss

Pearlwater Mineralquellen AG - Mr. Christoph Franzen

We depend on our pallet labellers being ready for operation 6 days a week, 24 hours a day. Except for the change of consumables, everything must function autonomously. We appreciate the production reliability of 99% as well as the many years of supply chain experience of WILUX PRINT AG.


Lesa – Lataria Engiadinaisa SA - Mr. Beat Klöti

WILUX has supported us significantly with its many years of experience in wrap-around and cover labelling, as well as in the integration into existing conveyor and filling systems on site. Particularly noteworthy is also the professional maintenance as well as expert troubleshooting of WILUX.


WILUX PRINT Molkerei Fuchs Logo in rot und weiss

Molkerei Fuchs AG - Mr. Bruno Schwab

We were faced with the great challenge of finding a solution that would provide our unfilled, square plastic milk bottles with a plastic label. WILUX PRINT AG mastered this task with their fast and uncomplicated way despite a difficult initial situation and initial difficulties.


WILUX PRINT Flück Fördertechnik AG Logo in rot und schwarz

Flück Fördertechnik AG - Mr. Peter Flück

We were confronted with the great challenge of first positioning heavy cartons and then labelling them cleanly on the non-straight edges on the top and side corners. WILUX, with their many years of supply chain experience, provided us with significant support and with their high quality standard, provided us with a solution that fully met all our requirements.


WILUX PRINT Romer's Hausbäckerei Logo in blau und weiss

Romer’s Hausbäckerei AG - Mr. Markus Bamert

We have been working with WILUX for many years and are very satisfied in every aspect. Our individual products, dispatch and transport units are labelled or inscribed with WILUX systems. WILUX convinces with a very high level of quality, an optimal price-performance ratio and professional and forward-looking customer care. In addition, fast and expert support is guaranteed at all times if required.

WILUX PRINT Heineken Logo in grün und rot

HEINEKEN Switzerland AG - Mr. Giuseppe Gianguercio

WILUX has completely replaced a pallet labelling machine for us, which labels our pallets on both sides according to the SSCC standard, and successfully converted another pallet labelling system for bound pallets, which applies directly to the string during the binding process. For the pallet labelling system for tied pallets, WILUX also completely replaced the PLC control and the printing module for us. The biggest challenge here was to install the new printing module in the existing machine and to adapt it to the mechanical and electrical interfaces. For this purpose the machine's processes were reconstructed and programmed to the new PLC control system. We appreciate the extraordinary professional competence, the high quality standard as well as the perfect service and support of WILUX and can recommend the cooperation in every respect.


WILUX PRINT Perlen Packaging Logo in blau und grau

Perlen Packaging AG - Mr. Sebastian Schürmann

We produce high-quality blister films for the pharmaceutical industry and approached WILUX with the complex task of applying labels to the core of the semi-finished products. WILUX supported us significantly with an innovative solution and their many years of supply chain experience and fulfilled all requirements to our complete satisfaction.


WILUX PRINT Ivoclar Vivadent Logo in blau, schwarz und hellgrün

Ivoclar Vivadent AG - Mr. Bertram Elsensohn

As a total solution provider, WILUX is active for us in various areas. From various consumables and high-quality labelling and marking systems to a straightforward service and support. WILUX has understood very well how to capture our needs and requirements professionally and competently and to implement them in optimal solutions.


WILUX PRINT Eisberg Logo in rot und grün

Eisberg AG - Mr. Pascal Koller

We contacted WILUX with the challenging task for labelling 2-part blister trays with a label from the front and back on the run, which should also be considered as a first-opening guarantee. With its many years of supply chain experience, WILUX has realised a high-quality labelling solution for us, with which the label is donated from the front and the supernatant is pressed during the further transport. The seal label could be donated from above in a much more elaborate process and applied by means of a pneumatic-mechanical pressure device in a 180° movement. WILUX has captured our needs and requirements professionally and competently and turned them into an optimal solution for us. We also particularly appreciate the impeccable service and support provided by WILUX.


WILUX PRINT Schweizer Salinen Logo in blau und hellblau

Schweizer Salinen AG - Mr. Roger Siegenthaler

We were faced with the great challenge of having to replace simultaneously various hardware and software systems that were end of life. This involved several labelling systems for the labelling of cardboard boxes, pharmaceutical bags and Euro pallets. The labelling software/print data control also had to be completely renewed and installed. With WILUX, we evaluated a professional who implemented the entire project according to our specifications to our complete satisfaction. In addition to that, the perfect service and support, also during the time after the rollout, should be mentioned.


WILUX PRINT Emmi Logo in blau, rot und weiss

Emmi Schweiz AG - Mr. Fredy Günther

WILUX has supported us with high-quality solutions for our two pallet labellers, which have been working reliably for years. We particularly appreciate the fact that with WILUX we have a partner at our side who always offers us fast and uncomplicated support, even on our own premises. We consider this cooperation to be absolutely fair and can warmly recommend WILUX with its many years of supply chain experience.

WILUX PRINT EMS Chemie Logo in rot und schwarz

EMS-CHEMIE AG - Mr. René Sonderegger

Among other things, we contacted WILUX with the task of building a special machinery, in which an existing labelling module of our LabelSet had to be converted from 4" to 6" within one week, including transport to WILUX and back. Due to the modular construction and WILUX's many years of experience in the field of special machinery construction, WILUX was able to meet this challenge on time and to our complete satisfaction. We appreciate WILUX's high quality standard and can warmly recommend the cooperation.


WILUX PRINT HALAG Logo in schwarz und rot

Halag Chemie AG - Mr. Hansueli Götti

WILUX has supported us for many years with high-quality, innovative solutions in the area of labelling and identification of our industrial hygiene products. With their special machinery constructions, specially adapted to our individual needs, they have helped us significantly to optimise our procedures, shorten processes and save costs. Particularly noteworthy is the wrap-around labelling system with front and back labelling, in which the two labels are applied perfectly aligned. We feel that the collaboration is extremely pleasant and productive, which is why we are happy to recommend the WILUX for others.


WILUX PRINT Hochstrasser Kaffee Logo in gold

Hochstrasser AG Littau - Mr. Kevin Heer

Thanks to quality and taste Hochstrasser AG is known as a renowned coffee roasting company. 4 years ago WILUX helped us with a progressive conversion of an existing labeller from another supplier to optimise our processes and thus save costs. We appreciate WILUX's many years of experience in the field of product labelling and identification as well as the high quality service and support.


WILUX PRINT Belimo Logo in schwarz und orange

Belimo Automation AG - Mr. Ramon Guignard

WILUX supported us very successfully in integrating a pallet labelling system into an existing machine. The big challenge was to label EURO pallets and half EURO pallets with SSCC labels and to apply the labels at two different heights depending on the load height. In addition to the automatic pallet labelling system, we also have a remote system in the form of a table printer from which the labels are printed and applied manually to oversized pallets which are not moved over the automatic line. The print data for both systems are prepared by a higher-level control system and transferred to the respective printer at the right time. We appreciate the machine quality as well as the pleasant cooperation with WILUX and can warmly recommend them.


WILUX PRINT Steiner Logo in rot und schwarz

Steiner-Beck AG - Ms. Fabienne Köng

WILUX fully meets our high expectations in terms of processing and the availability of our labels. It should also be emphasised that a competent contact person is always available in the event of technical problems. We find the cooperation with WILUX highly pleasant and uncomplicated.


WILUX PRINT Iscador AG Logo in schwarz und grün

ISCADOR AG - Mr. Björn Stehle

In 2014 we purchased a WILUX printing and labelling system for labelling folding boxes. The filled boxes are placed manually on a vacuum tape and then labelled from above with a product label with barcode and a lot number and a 2D code is printed on the side with an HR inkjet system. In case of an invalid verification of the two printed codes, the product is ejected. On another section of the line, a transparent sealing label is applied to both ends of the box, which ensures the first opening guarantee. Two sensors check the successful application of the tamper-evidence guarantee and eject faulty sealed products. WILUX has mastered the high requirements and standards of the pharmaceutical industry with bravour and has also excellently complied with and implemented clean room regulations in order to be able to ensure and guarantee production and data security at all times.


WILUX PRINT Hosberg Logo in grün und schwarz

hosberg AG - Ms. Geneviève Muther

hosberg AG has been the market leader in the marketing of organic eggs for many years. It is very important to us that our high-quality organic fresh eggs are labelled accordingly. In WILUX we have a partner at our side who has an excellent understanding of our needs and requirements and who has been able to professionally and competently record and implement them in the most optimal solution for us.


WILUX PRINT UFA Logo in blau und weiss

UFA AG - Mr. Urs Steiner

We have three WILUX PLS3100 printing and labelling systems for labelling our filled milk powder, premix and mineral feed bags. On all three systems, the bags are pre-filled, sewn, deposited and then labelled from above in a continuous flow. In addition to that, the PLS3100 offers us the possibility of printing labels and then winding them onto a roll, so that the pre-printed labels can be applied later by hand or fully automatically on a label dispenser. WILUX has understood excellently how to install high-quality printing and labelling systems which can be perfectly integrated into tight space conditions.

WILUX PRINT MFG Logo in blau und rot

MFG Technik & Service GmbH - Mr. Hubert Lachner

Together with our labelling partner WILUX, we have successfully implemented complex projects in a wide variety of areas. To name but a few: Labeling/labelling of cigarette rods, tobacco cans, filled buckets, filled trays, silicone cartridges, chocolate bars up to loaded pallets. Our cooperation with WILUX is characterized by an extraordinary professional competence combined with a high machine quality, a flawless and reliable service and a trustful cooperation. We can recommend WILUX in every respect.


WILUX PRINT SFS Logo in rot und weiss

SFS unimarket AG - Mr. Patrick Dietsche

We very much appreciate the fact that WILUX, in our long-standing cooperation, fulfils all requirements for our specialty labels to the highest degree and offers quick help in case of problems in order to find a solution.

WILUX PRINT Felchlin Logo in rot und schwarz

Max Felchlin AG - Ms. Nathalie Finelli

We at Max Felchlin AG not only stand for fine chocolate products, but also attach great importance to the appropriate presentation of the respective packaging. With its high-quality labelling systems, WILUX ensures that labels are applied perfectly, both in terms of quality and quantity.


WILUX PRINT Menu and More Logo in hellgrün, schwarz und orange

Menu and More AG - Mr. Fabian Faraoni

As an experienced provider in children and youth catering, we supply numerous lunch tables with fresh menus and special products suitable for children every day. WILUX has fully met our high expectations with regard to the processing of our labels. We appreciate WILUX's fast and reliable service.

WILUX PRINT Weingut Rebhalde Logo in schwarz

Weingut Rebhalde - Mr. Hansueli Hohl

In order to be able to label our wines stylishly on both sides, which reflect the content of the bottle to 100%, we depend on achieving perfect solutions in the print image with a wide variety of label materials. For many years now, WILUX has been fulfilling this task to our complete satisfaction. We very much appreciate the pleasant cooperation with WILUX and can highly recommend them.


Swisstronics Contract Manufacturing AG - Mr. Michael Siegfried

As a globally active Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, we develop and produce customer-specific electronic assemblies, devices and systems for leading companies in medical technology and industry. For our desktop labelers we appreciate the efficient and fast service of WILUX.

RIWAG Türen AG - Mr. Marco Contratto

Our top priority is the continuous traceability of our doors and door frames along the supply chain. WILUX convinced us with their more than 40 years of supply chain experience as well as service and support from one source. In WILUX we have found a reliable partner who provides us with high-quality support in all aspects of labelling.


WILUX PRINT Seits Logo in hellblau und gelb

Eugen Seitz AG - Mr. Karl Odermatt

With WILUX we have a very experienced and reliable partner in the field of printing and labelling technology at our side, who provides us with optimal advice and support. What additionally convinces us is the fact that at WILUX, as at Eugen Seitz AG, quality is written and kept very high.

WILUX PRINT Dätwyler Logo in rot und hellblau

Dätwyler Schweiz AG - Ms. Simone Ramser / Mr. Simon Wipfli

We produce high-quality, system-critical elastomer components and hold leading positions in global markets such as Healthcare, Mobility, Oil & Gas and Food & Beverage. Particularly noteworthy in the cooperation with WILUX is the fast and uncomplicated service and support from a single source for our desktop printers.


WILUX PRINT Siemens Logo in grün und schwarz

Siemens Logistics AG - Mr. Martin Resch, CEO

Within the context of project implementation, WILUX has fully met our expectations. Starting with the skillful installation of the printing and labelling systems at the end customer's production site, including compliance with all quality and performance specifications. Our cooperation with WILUX is going very well and deserves high praise. Particularly noteworthy are the professionalism and expertise of the WILUX staff, as well as their solution-oriented and always helpful attitude to quickly and expertly resolve any unexpected problems that may arise.


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