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03. Nov 2022
WILUX PRINT News Top Rating Bisnode D&B 2022 in blue and white

Bisnode D&B rates WILUX with 'Risk Indicator 1' for the eleventh time in a row

Financial stability and highest credit rating - WILUX PRINT AG

Bisnode D&B Switzerland AG has rated WILUX PRINT AG with 'Risk Indicator 1' for the eleventh time in a row. Companies with this highest quality seal in the economy are characterized by financial stability and creditworthiness. Only 2% of Swiss and Liechtenstein companies meet the conditions for this certificate and are classified in the best risk class by Bisnode D&B.

12. May 2022

NEW: Adhesive labels and thermal transfer ribbons available from stock


New in our online store you get self-adhesive labels, also called adhesive labels and thermal transfer ribbons in various formats at unbeatable prices available from stock.

Browse our range of labels and thermal transfer ribbons at

03. Mar 2022
WILUX PRINT News Loftware NiceLabel 10 Release Webinar

Loftware NiceLabel 10 Release

Explore Labeling in the Cloud

We are pleased to announce that Loftware NiceLabel 10, the latest version of the Loftware NiceLabel product family, powerful solutions that manage your entire labeling process, is now available from us.

Loftware NiceLabel 10 includes a number of new and enhanced features, including:

- A completely redesigned Control Center
- New web-based printer driver provisioning
- Role-based access controls
- Enhanced Integrations
- New and Updated Printer Drivers
- A completely new online help portal

Watch the webinar to learn more about the new and exciting features of Loftware NiceLabel 10 and how you can benefit from them.

17. Jan 2022
WILUX PRINT News TSC logo in blue, red and white

SALE: Up to 23% discount on TSC printers

TSC is one of the fastest growing companies in the Auto-ID industry, offering a wide range of rugged, cost-effective thermal label printers to customers worldwide. Since its official launch in 1991, more than 4 million label printers have been shipped to the Auto-ID market - a testament to TSC's leading position in the global market.

Benefit now from up to 23% discount on TSC printers in our online shop!

15. Nov 2021

Our Olympians of the Farmer Olympics at the WILUX INHOUSE SHOW 2021


We honor our Olympians Mr. Esteban Garcia, Mr. Viktor Stojiljkovic, Mr. Roger Siegenthaler, Mr. Roger Meier, Mr. Bernhard Bosshard, Mr. Harald Pibal, Mr. Roland Bolliger and Mr. Roger Vögeli, who demonstrated their skills in an impressive way at the Farmer's Olympics at our WILUX Inhouse Show this year in the 6 disciplines of crossbow shooting, pea crackers, competitive nailing, horn slide, milking cow and senso touch. Concentration, endurance, strength and quick thinking are just some of the qualities that distinguish our Olympians.

Congratulations to Mr. Esteban Garcia and Mr. Roger Siegenthaler for the outstanding 1st place and winning a swiss gold coin. We take our hats off to your impressive performance.
At the same time we congratulate Mr. Viktor Stojiljkovic for the amazing 4th place and winning a Victorinox pocket knife.

Award ceremony Farmers' Olympiad WILUX Inhouse Show 2021 to Mr. Esteban Garcia and Mr. Viktor Stojiljkovic Award ceremony Farmers' Olympiad WILUX Inhouse Show 2021 to Mr. Roger Siegenthaler

Congratulations to Mr. Roger Meier for the brilliant 2nd place and winning a round trip to the Pilatus in Lucerne.

WILUX News Award ceremony Farmers' Olympiad WILUX Inhouse Show 2021 to Mr. Roger Meier

Congratulations to Mr. Bernhard Bosshard and Mr. Harald Pibal for the excellent 3rd place and the win of a Bontique voucher for CHF 100.

Award ceremony to Mr. Bernhard Bosshard Farmers' Olympiad WILUX Inhouse Show 2021 WILUX News Award ceremony Farmers' Olympiad WILUX Inhouse Show 2021 to Mr. Harald Pibal

Congratulations to Mr. Roger Bolliger for the impressive 4th place. Have a lot of fun with your new Victorinox pocket knife.

Award ceremony to Mr. Roger Bolliger Farmers' Olympiad WILUX Inhouse Show 2021

Congratulations to Mr. Roger Vögeli for the great 5th place. We wish you a lot of fun with your new Victorinox pocket knife.

Award ceremony to Mr. Roger Vögeli Farmers' Olympiad WILUX Inhouse Show 2021

The other Olympians of the Farmer's Olympics will be announced here in the WILUX News soon after the award ceremony and will be honored accordingly.

26. Oct 2021
WILUX PRINT News Top Rating Bisnode D&B in blue and white

WILUX again top rated by Bisnode D&B

For the tenth time in a row

We are pleased to inform you that Bisnode D&B Switzerland AG has rated WILUX PRINT AG with the 'Risk Indicator 1' for risk and creditworthiness for the tenth time in a row. This rating certificate from Bisnode D&B is the seal of quality in the business world. Companies like WILUX with a top rating are characterized by financial stability and the highest creditworthiness. Only 2% of Swiss and Liechtenstein companies meet the requirements for this certificate and are classified by Bisnode D&B in the best risk class.

The basis for this award is the excellent financial stability of WILUX. Thus, this award not only confirms that WILUX is a trustworthy and attractive business partner with very good payment behavior and the highest credit rating, but also certifies its excellent liquidity.

25. Oct 2021

Mid-range label printer with modular structure for high versatility

Due to the optimal matching of transfer ribbon, label and pressure, the Carl Valentin Compa 3 prints on type plates, adhesive labels, paper, cardboard, textile and plastic. You can quickly and easily obtain suitable labels with an abrasion-resistant, weather- and chemical-resistant print image. Thus, the lifelong identification of your product and ensure traceability with the help of the serial number.

The top priority during development was simple and convenient operation as well as high reliability - even under harsh operating conditions. The housing and the print mechanism are made of high-quality materials and are perfectly matched to each other. The new transparent plastic cover is visually appealing and lightweight. It can be folded in the middle and is therefore easy to open to save space.

Any customer requirement, no matter how specific, can be implemented with extensive peripherals and software.

30. Sep 2021
WILUX PRINT Inhouse Show 2021 showroom with guests

The INHOUSE SHOW 2021 is past


The 8th two-day Inhouse Show of WILUX PRINT is over and customers, business partners as well as friends of the company could successfully gain a deeper insight into the future of labelling technology. The star of the event was the new labelling head generation WLS-III, with new electronics, higher performance than the previous model as well as modular design for the highest possible flexibility. The WLS-III labels products of all types with ease at standstill or during the run.
Visitors to the INHOUSE SHOW 2021 did not miss out on label printers either. From the latest models from Honeywell with the PM, PX and PD series to the brand new Carl Valentin Compa III, everything was found on site and optimal advice was given on the latest features. WILUX now also has label printers from TSC in its range. The TSC MB series, the new, low-priced model for light industrial label printing as well as the TSC MH series, TSC's main line of industrial barcode label printers with first-class print head technology, a fast processor and plenty of memory to print high-quality labels in the shortest possible time.
Under the motto 'WILUX goes eco-friendly', we presented recycled labels. With natural paper, grass paper and recycled paper as well as recycled PE, we introduced our visitors to biodegradable, environmentally friendly solutions.
The event was rounded off by a supporting program in which visitors could measure their skills in the form of a farmers' Olympiad in various typically Swiss traditional disciplines. Once again a great event with many valuable insights into the labelling technology at which we could successfully present our very broad labelling and marking spectrum, our competence and professionalism mixed with many years of experience.

We say THANK YOU to all of our valuable guests and we hope to see you again at the next INHOUSE SHOW at the latest.

06. Sep 2021
WILUX PRINT news TSC MB240t and MH241t/MH261 series in black with white printed label

Two new industrial printers from TSC in the WILUX product portfolio


TSC MB240T series
The TSC MB240T series thermal label printer is a new, affordable model for light industrial label printing with a print width of 4 inches. Its compact design, quiet operation and fast label throughput is equally at home, in the office or on the shop floor.

TSC MH241T/MH261T series
The MH241T and MH261T series are TSC's mainstream industrial barcode label printers built upon the legacy of the MH240 series. They feature premium printhead technology, fast processor, and all the memory customers will need to print high-quality labels delivered at the fastest speeds.

09. Aug 2021


Regular maintenance of your printing and labelling systems saves you unexpected, unpleasant and costly production downtimes. That's why at WILUX, in our new online store, you not only get your label printer, but also the paid service and support to go with it.

Enjoy shopping and exploring.

18. Jun 2021
News WILUX PRINT AG Invitation INHOUSE SHOW 2021 in gray, white, black and red

INHOUSE SHOW am 8. und 9. September 2021


We warmly invite you to take part in our Inhouse Show on September 8th-9th, 2021.

Dare to take a look into the future of labelling technology together with WILUX with brand new product developments, label printers and much more. You can expect an exciting supporting program in a relaxed and informative round that you should definitely not miss.

You will soon receive the detailed event program with registration information as a personal invitation by email.

May we look forward to welcoming you at our Inhouse Show 2021?

27. Apr 2021
WILUX PRINT News TSC Power Partner Gold and PRINTRONIX AUTO ID Power Partner silver in white, blue, red, orange, black and silver

TSC Power Partner Gold and PRINTRONIX AUTO ID Power Partner Silver

Shorter downtimes due to WILUX direct repairs

Repairs for all systems and devices, whether at our premises or directly at your site, we take care of them. In order to avoid downtimes, we are happy to provide you with rental devices on request to bridge the repair time of your system.

17. Dec 2020
WILUX PRINT News Honeywell Platinum Service Provider in white, red text on black background

Honeywell Platinum Performance Partner and Service Provider

Shorter downtimes due to WILUX direct repairs

As a Platinum Partner, WILUX provides the appropriate personnel, facilities and equipment necessary to support the sale of products to customers.

As a Platinum Partner, WILUX will provide adequate and competent technical resources to promptly answer technical commissioning questions, advise customers on the selection, integration and use of the products and available software programs, configure the products at the customer's site, and act as a primary resource for customer support needs.

30. Nov 2020


Sport does not only care for the physical health but also strengthens the self-confidence and promotes the social integration of the child.

For this reason, we are particularly proud to sponsor the junior team Cb (13-14 year olds) as well as the general youth department of FC Hinwil over the next 3 years.

07. Nov 2020
WILUX PRINT News new website online iMac, tablet and Iphone with the home screen from

Our new website is online


It shines in a new design and is especially user-friendly. We wish you a lot of fun while exploring.

17. Sep 2020
WILUX PRINT News Corona Virus molecule in bright green, black and woman in background with light blue white mask



We still are always there for you and always strive to fulfill all your requests and orders on time and to your complete satisfaction.

27. Sep 2019


The Honeywell PX940 with integrated label verification technology, offers error-free print results. Thanks to the label test (passed/failed) and assignment of ANSI grades from 0.0 (F) to 4.0 (A), labels that do not achieve a specified minimum quality are reliably discarded and re-printed.

20. Aug 2019

Inhouse show on September 18 and 19, 2019


Dear customers
Dear Business Partner

We would like to invite you to our Inhouse Show 2019:

When:    Wednesday and Thursday, September 18 and 19, 2019
Time:      from 9am to 5pm
Where:   NEW! Unterfeldstrasse 5, 8340 Hinwil

We will show you our new company location, which we moved into in April, and inform you about new products and further developments in the areas of labelling, identification and scanning.

04. Apr 2019
WILUX PRINT News outdoor photo WILUX building with light blue sky in background

The new location

The new location has been moved into and the renovation has been completed.

01. Apr 2019



In the last few years our company has been able to develop continuously and record strong growth. Our previous location in Bubikon has been too small for quite some time and brings with it various restrictions. In order to create the conditions for efficient work processes and further expansion possibilities, we have successfully looked for a new location.

We are pleased to inform you that we will move our company domicile from Bubikon to Hinwil as of March 11, 2019 and will have the following new address as of the mentioned date:

Unterfeldstrasse 5
CH-8340 Hinwil

We ask you to adjust your master data in such a way that from April 1, 2019, only the new and above-mentioned correspondence address will apply.

Apart from that, everything will remain the same - our telephone numbers and contact details as well as the usual WILUX service provided by our employees will of course remain the same. Our company move will be carried out department by department in the period from 11 to 24 March 2019. During this time, it may happen that we will only be available to a limited extent in individual cases. We assure you that we will do our very best to keep this to an absolute minimum, but we ask for your understanding in this regard.

Concerning deliveries we ask you to consider and ensure the following:

- Deliveries to Bubikon are possible up to and including March 8, 2019.
- We will not be able to accept any deliveries in the period from 9 to 13 March 2019.
- From 14 March 2019 we will only accept deliveries in Hinwil.


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